International dimension

The aim of the network is to build on the existing studies of the various countries mobilized in order to constitute a database on women architects – history of women architects, pioneers, evolution in our current society, realizations of women architects in Europe and in the world. France has already started this work with the website gathering information on 280 women architects including 39 foreigners.

Implementing measures to facilitate professional equality in the architecture sector at European level is also a goal of the network, to find common strategies, learn from the best practices in other countries while sharing ours.

The network would help advertise ARVHA prize for women architects and spread it internationally, propose joint actions in the framework of the prize for women architects such as visits of laureates’ projects. It would also help advertise it in European media.
Eventually, the association could help Europeans counterparts in mounting their own national prize and support the actions of the colleagues of other countries and participate to it to represent French women architects and promote them.

The network would be of great help to know and compare the situations of women in the architectural sector in several countries.

It would be a springboard to constitute, participate and develop solidarity networks on both a European and a global scale and to participate in symposium meetings and events organized by the colleagues of other countries and broadcast their productions.