National dimension

Regarding France, the association would:

– Represent France in the international network of Women in Architecture and be the French interlocutor of the European Council of Architects in the framework of a future working group Equality between men and women in architecture (Austrian initiative);

– Study the situation of women in the architectural sector – working from existing studies and grouping them, completing them with institutional support;

– Disseminate studies that demonstrate unequal treatment in the field and propose actions to rectify differences. Implement measures, quantifiable data and measure evolution;

– Constitute a national and European database on women architects: from pioneers to today’s architects. We already have on the website a database with 280 women architects including 39 foreigners.

– Mobilize the actors of the profession on the issue of professional equality based on figures on the inequality of wages, fees and the nature of the order for women and men.

– Ask the Order of Architects (a French Association) to participate in the realization of surveys and gender studies on which the participation of women would be specified on each item to actively participate in the dissemination of mobilization actions.

– Propose a series of actions to improve the situation of women in architecture (diffusion of studies, sensitization of actors, mobilization of professionals of the living environment …).

– Contribute to the National Committee of the Ministry of Culture for equality in the field of cultural professions so that architecture becomes not a poor relative but an active player (the ARVHA has been a member since 2013 of the ministerial committee for equality in the culture sector)

– Work with architecture schools on the issue of professional equality to make young people aware of inequalities and to fight them at grassroots level.

– Contact major architectural firms to examine parity among these companies and offer them to take steps to ensure professional equality (equality label), and the smallest too, as well as unions and orders of architects.

– Promoting women architects in the realization of exhibitions, symposia, open visits to the public, events, participating in the Venice Biennale with a section on women architects in a systematic way, as the ARVHA did in 2018 for the March 8 with an exhibition and a conference with the winners of the prize for women architects. Mobilize the media to make series, films, reports and articles on women architects – which are little known, little publicized and little honored, starting with those who won the ARVHA prize for women architects.

– Animate, promote actions at local and national level and facilitate their dissemination.